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The American Double Pack The American Double Pack

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I'm Laughing with you man

For starters, for all you viewers-readers out there...
This is a friggin joke.
Ha Ha

Yeah it was tragic, but the false patriotism and fear that followed afterword was even more tragic.
Maybe it was a shock into reality. We were all sturred from the cozy little lives that we had, and so shocked and stunned to see that someone attacked US OMG! Yeah well some people live with it. Why not reflect and be thankful for what you have dangit. Geeze.
Yeah sure, I may not live in New York, I may not have had any friends or family lost in it.
But my point is
All those people you see making tributes and running their flags after 9-11 probably didn't have a scrap of any real patriotism to begin with.

So instead of getting all ralled up about this flash, instead think about it. At least he has more truth in his satire than others do in their tributes. They were just all following the trend, they just wanted to look good.
saving face, that's what it's all about today... saving face...