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Pixel Pixel

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Crazy yet addictive

A very interesting game, some of the visuals and overal feel remind me a bit of flow, but the game itself is still very different. I love the art direction in this and the choice of design for your ships. It is unusual that your health is related to your ammunition and pixels, but I think it works for this game. I like the way the colors meld on the screen and chain with the mood of the game. Also the way the pixels spread as enemies are destroyed reminds me as though you are attacking enemies with fireworks.

My biggest complaint though would have to be that it's a bit hard to aim with the way the ship is designed and while it looks great and flows well when moving the mouse, it makes some aspects a bit difficult, though it's not a huge issue. Great game either way.

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Bubble Tanks TD Bubble Tanks TD

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stylish and Fun

I have a great love for tower defense games, I find them rather addicting, so it's nice to find some good tower defense games. This one is a particularly great example of a good tower defense game. The easy to understand upgrade system means you don't have to worry about what basic tower you've placed as they can be upgraded in different ways. The interface looks great and is easy to understand which is a must in my book. And on top of it all it looks unique and stylish so it doesn't seem like every other you've played before. If you like tower defense games, I definately recommend this.

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